Another View On Carlitos

30 09 2009

carlos-tevez-2_88179sHere I go again getting on my high horse…and quite likely upsetting many United supporters!

My affection for the club has been strong for many years and while I hold a higher regard for some of  its players than others, I still remember anyone who ever donned the red shirt with the utmost respect.

Some of them have left outstanding memories like Charlton, Best, Law, Crerand and others too many to mention. Others like Cantona, Schmeichel, Robson, Keane, Beckham, Ronaldo and the like are more recent members who the younger fans remember so well.

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Get Rid Of Kia Whateverhisfuckingnameis!

15 07 2009

The move of Carlos Tevez from the red to the blue half of Manchester does not bother me one little bit, not in the slightest BUT the man who orchestrated this transfer does. Big Time.


Carlitos is a very good player who comes from a disadvantaged background, probably has minimum education and was possibly the perfect meal ticket for money grabbing sharks like Kia Whateverhisfuckingnameis.

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An Open Letter To Carlitos

5 07 2009

The chances of  Carlos Tevez ever coming across this post are virtualy nil but I still feel a need to put my thoughts to him so here goes.

tevezargieCarlitos, why did you HAVE to wear the Argentina shirt?

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