Michael Owen…Is It Yes or Is It No?

3 10 2009

owenIf newspaper reports are to be believed, England manager Fabio Capello is still in two minds about whether to  include Michael Owen in his World Cup squad for South Africa even though the odds appear to be stacked in the negative.

Here are two schools of thoughts on the matter, both of which have some validity. The final decision will of course belong to Capello but if Owen has anything to do with it, he is certain to move heaven and earth in an effort be at what will be his final World Cup come June.

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Finally, An Intelligent Scouser!

16 07 2009


Let me confess up front that I rarely agree with anything that Liverpool fans put up on their posts. It’s usually something along the lines of  “Liverpool forever Y.N.W.A”.  How I wish they have the sense to change that to Y.A.W.N!

Having said that, I was very impressed with an intelligent post that one of their fans wrote with regards to Michael Owen signing for Manchester United. It shows that reasonable fans DO exist on both sides.

Have a read and let us know what you think.

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Windup OR Masterstroke?

3 07 2009

Sir Alex Ferguson has pulled off some spectacular masterstrokes in his time so it’s very dangerous to second guess him but is this the most audacious one of them all?

The signing of Michael Owen may simply be a huge windup, but if  it goes ahead, Fergie runs the risk of either looking like a complete idiot or an absolute genius. I have enough faith in Sir Alex for it to be the latter. How ironic will it be if two Scousers – Rooney and Owen , can help deliver Manchester United its 19th Championship come May 2010!


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