FIFA Must Not Be Above The Law

6 09 2009

24856_200x250So the FIFA ban on Chelsea has let the genie out of the bottle and it will be almost impossible to put it back in. Why? Because the whole matter is far from being as straightforward as many pundits pretend it is.

FIFA has certain regulations with regards to the transfer of minors who are under contract, Chelsea were found guilty of breaking those regulations so the punishment had to be meted out.

The problem with that simplistic argument is that it’s not so simple! The bottom line appears to be the interpretation of employment laws and who has the right to uphold them.

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Champions League is NOT a Champions League

30 08 2009

Treble-In-1998-1999-SeasonJust like every other Manchester United fan, that night in Barcelona 10 years ago when the fabulous treble was completed remains ingrained in my mind as the greatest football event of my life.

It was 6.30 in the morning here in Australia, my screams of delight woke up my household and possibly half our neighborhood as Ole Gunnar Solskjær put an end to 90 minutes of torture during which I had to my eternal shame given up all hope of victory.

I should have known much better! This was Manchester United.

A bottle of scotch was cracked open for breakfast, going to work was never an option and the celebrations went on all day. It all seems like yesterday!

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Football and Organized Crime

29 08 2009


Let me make this clear from the outset. I am not so naive as to take everything in this book at face value.

I have been around the game long enough however not to dismiss all the claims made here out of hand.

There’s huge money involved here in match fixing, agents, player transfers and a whole lot more.

Is FIFA itself corrupt? I’m not prepared to make that call but where millions upon millions of dollars are involved, you can never be certain.

This is a review of an explosive book written by Declan Hill which may open a few eyes to the underhand goings on in the world game. Is it believable? It’s up to you to decide!

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My Pet Hate is…HATE!

29 08 2009

football-hooligan-training-camp-for-kidsWest Ham hates Millwall, Celtic hates Rangers, Spurs hates Arsenal, Manchester United hates Liverpool and Liverpool hates almost everyone else!

We’re not talking about the clubs themselves here but the majority of their fans. WHY?

It has always been difficult for me to understand how football fans can hate fellow football fans! Maybe a large portion of them are NOT genuine fans of the game at all but only of their home town clubs for parochial sentiments.

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Champions League Draw Is Far From Easy

28 08 2009

eclcupWhile the group stage draw in the Champions League could have been more difficult for United, it nevertheless will be far from a walk in the park either.

When analysing the task faced in order to grab one of the two qualifying spots, there are more factors to consider than just the pedigree of their opponents.

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Carling Cup Is Just A Distraction

27 08 2009

010372328446700If proof was ever needed that Premiership clubs do not need the Carling Cup it was clearly provided this week…and I’m not talking about the disgraceful scenes at Upton Park.

Premiership and Champions League contenders have treated it as a distraction for many years…and with good reason.  It has now gone even further leaving the future of the competition under a question mark.

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Neil Webb…Not Quite A United Legend

26 08 2009

webbNeil Webb
Born: 30 July 1963
Footballer 1980 to 1997

Then: Aged 17 years and 31 days, Webb became the youngest player ever to score for Reading. He played for Portsmouth, Nottingham Forest, Manchester United, Grimsby and Aldershot and won 26 full England caps.

Now: Webb is married, has three sons and works as a postman in Reading.

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