Dwight Looked After His Team Mates

DWIGHT says he often had to chat up stunning women for OTHER married footballers eager to stay out of the limelight.

“Many’s the time I have been pictured with various girls, each photograph accompanied by sentences hinting at something more serious than it ever was,” he says.

“But the truth is that on many occasions I was the fall guy for married team-mates who did not want to be photographed chatting up beautiful women.

“Being single, I was a fail-safe match-maker. I would continue the task of trying to charm them while my married mate waited for his moment.

“You would not believe the amount of times I found myself saying to girls, ‘Listen, my pal over there is crazy about you but he’s married or he’s with someone and can’t come over. Are you interested?’

“I would continue the task of trying to charm them while my married colleague waited for his moment.”

Last week we told how his flirting with supermodel Rachel Hunter landed him in trouble with then girlfriend Jordan – who later gave birth to his son Harvey.

He now reveals that he was only chatting up Rod Stewart’s stunning ex-wife for a married footballer he declines to name.

He says: “It had nothing to do with my wanting to get into bed with Rachel Hunter, as delicious as she undoubtedly was.

“Because there was also in attendance a very famous, married footballer – not a team-mate – who was absolutely besotted with her.

“I spent a good deal of the time chatting to her on his behalf.”


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