Michael Owen…Is It Yes or Is It No?

3 10 2009

owenIf newspaper reports are to be believed, England manager Fabio Capello is still in two minds about whether to  include Michael Owen in his World Cup squad for South Africa even though the odds appear to be stacked in the negative.

Here are two schools of thoughts on the matter, both of which have some validity. The final decision will of course belong to Capello but if Owen has anything to do with it, he is certain to move heaven and earth in an effort be at what will be his final World Cup come June.


Sorry Michael,  your chance was lost in the 2008/2009 season. Injuries did not help your cause and neither did the turmoil at Newcastle. It has nevertheless left you with a mountain to climb.

Now you need to force your way into a Manchester United side full of talent, prove your fitness to Capello and score the goals which may give him no choice but to include you in his squad.

Coming to Old Trafford to prove your credentials was the absolute right thing to do, it had come down to a case of all or nothing.

I’m afraid that Fabio Capello is too much of a hardened professional however and when he calculates the odds, the decision will come down that he could not afford to take a risk!


We are still in early October, the World Cup squad will not be selected for another seven or eight months which is more than enough time for Owen to convince Capello that he should be on that plane.

Yes, he needs to  first convince Ferguson to give him more game time, then perform at a standard that will force Capello to take notice then finally score the goals that will merit his selection.

A lot to ask for? MOST DEFINATELY, but it’s the only way that Owen can get himself into the England squad.

Capello has made it clear that his teams will never be selected on sentiment, nor should they be which is why Owen needs to possibly perform at a higher than expected expectation.

Can he do it? Of course he can, Ferguson has little doubt about it. The more important question is WILL he do it?

That is what will finally decide whether Michael Owen gets a chance to perform in his final World Cup Tournament.

Any objective opinions without any sentiments?

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