Frustrating Berbatov Is So Divisive!

25 09 2009

berbaFootball has always been, and will continue to be a game of opinions…thank goodness, which is why it attracts so many arguments in pubs and comments on internet forums.

One name that many United fans have a strong albeit a divisive passion about is Dimitar Berbatov which is hardly surprising to say the least.

The Bulgarian can be such a frustrating player to watch, a touch of brilliance one minute then completely out of the game giving the impression that he’s just not interested.

So let’s try and find something that everyone may be able to agree upon.

Berba has to be the most technically gifted player United has had since the memorable days of  Eric Cantona.  Certainly nowhere near as influential but one who possesses a high degree of technique rarely found in the Premier League.

The problem for Berbatov may be that English fans appreciate the passion of  a Carlos Tevez or the fire in the belly of a Wayne Rooney far more than the ice cool,  ticking brain and laid back appearance that Berba projects.  It certainly does NOT make him a lazy player however, his mind is always working overtime.

Sir Alex quite possibly understands this,  it could be the reason why he perseveres with trying to build a Rooney/Berbatov combination which in time could prove to be a devastating one.

Remember that Berba had a couple of highly impressive seasons in an ordinary Spurs team which is why Ferguson was so determined to pay in excess of 30 million pounds for his signature on the last day of the transfer window last year.

Was he worth that amount of money? As mentioned in an earlier blog,  Sir Alex knew 12 months earlier that he was going to get 80 million for Ronaldo at the end of the 2008/09 season which would have meant that a move for Berba would have cost around 40 to 45 million if he had waited.

When compared to City paying 32 million for Tevez, a transfer fee in the 40 million plus region would have certainly been demanded by Spurs which showed how cunning Sir Alex was yet again.

The question amongst United fans is now whether he was worth the money and the effort. Ferguson seems to think so as do many United fans, Berba’s problem is his need to convince the rest of them.

Maybe, just maybe, Fergie brought him to Old Trafford 12 months too early and should have waited until Ronaldo was gone. Just a thought.

Please Note: Due to a heavy workload of migrating my various websites to a different provider, I am unable to update this blog as often as I would like to for the next few weeks

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