My Pet Hate is…HATE!

29 08 2009

football-hooligan-training-camp-for-kidsWest Ham hates Millwall, Celtic hates Rangers, Spurs hates Arsenal, Manchester United hates Liverpool and Liverpool hates almost everyone else!

We’re not talking about the clubs themselves here but the majority of their fans. WHY?

It has always been difficult for me to understand how football fans can hate fellow football fans! Maybe a large portion of them are NOT genuine fans of the game at all but only of their home town clubs for parochial sentiments.

Living down here in Australia has perhaps shielded me from the passions that are aroused in football hotbeds like Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and elsewhere. Not that fierce rivalries don’t exist in all football codes down under but nothing like the quasi insane ones in Europe.

But should club rivalry ever translate itself into HATE? There are a number of clubs which I dislike, Arsenal quickly come to mind, yet I have the utmost respect for Arsene Wenger. On the other hand I have had a high respect for Liverpool ever since the days of Bill Shankly but dislike Rafa Benitez who I regard as an impostor. Yes simply dislike NOT hate.

It seems highly illogical to hate someone who we have never met.  Go to any club forum and you will find them littered with comments like “I hate Rooney” or “I hate Gerrard” does it make any sense?

Maybe the media has been partly responsible for sensationalising the fierce rivalry between clubs and their fans in the last few years.

It may never happen but how good will it be if the word “HATE” can be removed from football and replaced with the word “RESPECT” instead?

Yeah right! and Millwall may share a stadium with The Hammers one day!

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One response

30 08 2009

rarely does this hatred ever spill on the the field, but i do think that the fans that live in those citys either know the true reason why they hate other teams or were raised to hate curtain teams. I think the matches are a little heated because of the history.

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