Burnley Defeat Was Not Such A Shock

20 08 2009


So what went wrong last night? Nothing that was not always on the cards!

From the moment that the fixture list was published, a tough struggle at Turf Moor was very predictable. Perhaps not a defeat but certainly no more than a share of the points.

Think about it. Burnley’s first top flight game at home for 33 years AND for good measure, it was against the reigning champions.  If that  fails to motivate ordinary players into performing like super ones for 90 minutes nothing else will. It was an occasion no less emotional than a Cup Final for them and were desperate to provide a night to remember.

When the chance to equalise from the penalty spot was frittered away by Michael Carrick just on half time, Burnley must have got the distinct impression that this was really their night…and in the end the victory was deserved.

The absence of so many United defenders can not be used as an excuse because that was not where the game was lost. Not one of them could have possibly done anything to stop that brilliant strike by Robbie Blake.

No, the major problem started with our midfield creativity and spread to the front runners. That however, should not take anything away from the determined Burnley resolve.

Football is all about opinions and maybe with the benefit of hindsight Valencia and Berbatov should have been included in the starting line up. Only one opinion counts however and that of course belongs to Sir Alex, but then again, hindsight has always been a wonderful thing.




2 responses

20 08 2009

Don’t panic boggledash. Other clubs may spend millions on buying big name players but we have the most valuable name of all…Sir Alex. He’s the one that makes all the difference when it comes to the business end of the season.

20 08 2009

Sure Burnley were on a winner with this game. They are one of Man Utd’s rivals, also based in Lancashire, so that must have got their adrenalin running. The thing about this game is it shows how much Man Utd miss Christiano Ronaldo and Tevez. The latter doing a Sol Campbell and flitting off to their close neighbours for 30 pieces of silver – Judas!
Michael Carrick has had another shocking game and who did Man Utd buy him from, oh yes, Tottenham Hotspur; and which team is top of the league – Tottenham Hotspur.
Is writing on the wall for Man U this season, well early days but it isn’t looking good.

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