Wishes, Just Wishes

15 08 2009


Wishing for United to grab the 19th title and a 4th Champions League is so obvious that they cannot possibly be included in the top 10 wishes for the new season.

So here goes with what I most wish for in the new season.

1 – Michael Owen scoring the winner at Anfield on the 24th of  October. Love to see the reaction from The Kop

2 – Carlo Tevez starting on the bench on the 19th of  September at Old Trafford. There was no point in going to City Carlitos

3 – Dimitar Berbatov to have a great season and pick up the Player Of The Year Award. It will shut up all the critics as well as proving his greatness

4 – Michael Owen finishing higher on the Top Scorers table than ‘Bruno’ Torres. It will prove the genius of Sir Alex

5 – Manchester United to get knocked out early in the Carling Cup. Surprised? In my opinion it’s merely a distraction from what REALLY counts

6 – To meet and beat Barcelona in the Champions League. It will put the ghosts of Rome behind us

7 – United to take all 6 points from Liverpool. In order to shut up the Scousers for  their worthless 4-1 win at OT last season

8 – To win the FA Cup. It has been a long time between drinks

9 – Create a new record by winning FOUR titles on the trot. How awesome will that be?

10 – Another Treble –  Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League. A dream come true!

Come back in May 2010 to see how many of these wishes were realisic.

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