No Internationals Before Big Kick Off

10 08 2009


England plays a friendly match against Holland on Wednesday night together with a large number of other internationals. There are also some World Cup Qualifiers scheduled for the same night. I don’t know what others think but I have a major problem with this!

Tours and pre season games have now been taking place for a number of weeks in preparation for the new Premier League season yet key players are being taken away from their clubs on the eve of the big kick off…WHY?

Of course the calendar is tight, of course it’s not easy to fit everything into a perfect time frame but surely, three days before the start of a new season is plainly ludicrous.

I can just imagine the outrage of club managers should one of their key players is forced to miss the kick off due to an injury picked up playing for the national team…and who can blame them?

Their clubs are the ones who pay the huge wages yet their managers are also the ones who have their jobs put on the line and pay the consequences if crucial early points are dropped because of players on international duty.

Don’t get me wrong, I love international football as much anyone…especially when the Australian Socceroos play the likes of Ireland which they will do on Wednesday night. All I’m pleading for is for more sensible timing.

I cannot believe that a suitable alternative cannot be available! Start the clubs pre season one week earlier, put back the Premier League kick off  by one week, delay the World Cup Qualifiers together with the international friendlies by a few weeks. Anything but the crazy situation that we have now.

The clubs AND their managers deserve nothing less.

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