Dumb Football Journalism

4 08 2009

There was a report on a website called Club Call yesterday that looked so dumb that I never even bothered reading it and totally dismissed until I saw the following piece by Ian Hewson on Football 365 today which made a lot more sense.


Not that I ever rated 365 as the most reliable source of football news but his article hit a nerve.

The headline on the report that I referred to from yesterday screamed out something like “Man Utd are being linked with a triple £100m raid on La Liga for David Silva, David Villa and Sergio Aguero”

How can a story like this be even remotely credible?

Can anyone really believe that  Ferguson will splash out £100 million on three additional players that he would probably not know what to do with? Does Club Call think that its readers ars so gullible?

Anyway, enough of my rant.  Have a look at Hewison’s opinion and leave your comments.

The Dumbing Down Of Journalism

Ian Hewison, Football 365,  3 August 2009

According to the dictionary ‘journalism’ is the profession of gathering, editing, and publishing news reports and related articles for newspapers, magazines, television, or radio.

‘Sensationalism’ is the practice of emphasising the most lurid, shocking, and emotive aspects of something under discussion or investigation, especially by the media.

The two are oxymoronic and should not go together, but recently it’s all I see happening in newspapers.

Take this morning for example. Jack Wilshere has had two good friendly games for Arsenal. But already he is being touted for a place in the World Cup squad. It’s unbelievable. Does anyone remember Theo, and the inquest behind his inclusion?

It seams to me that all the editors care about is the banner headline. The actual job of reporting is second to the legend. 
How many times have people read a match report that has been loaded with inaccuracies? Reporting is the gathering of information, but the reports I see these days are just a vehicle for second-rate journalists to get across their agenda. Here’s a tip, to get on in life why not do your first job correctly!!

There is the old saying ‘Today’s headlines line tomorrows rubbish’ (or something to that effect). But the fans have long memories and journalists can quickly get a reputation. Take Antony Kastrinakis for example. 

F365 does help by keeping articles from yester-years to show the level of hypocrisy that goes on in this profession. But to me it seams as though the people writing the articles do not care if they get it right or wrong. 

Is it all about sales? Is it all about your website getting the most hits? Is it right to eulogise one day and then vilify the next? Is this journalism? No it’s fully-blown sensationalism brought on by editors and executives thinking that all people care about is Jordan, Russell Brand and whatever Cheryl Cole is wearing today. 

There is a columnist for the Daily Man, a man with the hilarious title of ‘Hatchet Man’ because he ‘Goes in Hardest’ (I think he’s compensating for something!!). His columns are solely based on his views but they are backed up with little or no fact. For example, he criticised Rafa Benitez for spending £17m on Glen Johnson, fair enough it’s a lot of money. But he then states it’s a waste of money, like the signings of Arbeloa, Dossena, Degen and Aurelio. Well this criticism has no substance as two players were signed on free transfers and one was bought for £2.4m (became an international and sold for £4m). It’s a moronic argument and he is just trying to provoke a reaction on an emotive subject. 

It makes me sad that again people with an IQ above their age are being sold a media that is targeted at the lowest common denominator. TV has been aimed at idiots for years with shows like ‘Big Brother’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity…So Please Operate on Me’. 

But the written word is a thing of beauty. If used correctly it can transport you to places you have only ever imagined, it can make you laugh and cry. But like TV, reporting has been dumbed down, even the sports coverage is being wrote for the fickle fan that has the attention span of a goldfish. 

With the way the profession has gone I honestly feel that Woodward and Bernstein must be rolling in their graves (metaphorically speaking).

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