Goodbye Sir!

2 08 2009

sirrobsonOn this sad weekend for football I wish to forget about Manchester United and the season ahead. Instead, I would urge you to dedicate it to a wonderful man who lived for his football and was loved by all football fans.  That undisputable fact has got to be his greatest tribute.

I have never met Sir Bobby Robson so I cannot truly say what he was like as a person but from all the comments that have been made since his death by highly respected players, managers and media pundits he must have been a wonderful football man.

As a fan, my memories of  Sir Bobby go back to his days as a player for West Bromwich Albion, Fulham, England, manager of  Ipswich Town and of course England.

That was not the end of his managerial career of course but rightly or wrongly, they were the days that I remember him best.

Who can forget the night when Robson’s England went to within a couple of cruel penalty kicks from possibly matching  Sir Alf Ramsey in winning the World Cup at Italia 90?

Cruel?  No, it must have been heartbreaking!

How can any manager sitting in a dugout possibly legislate or plan for something like that? But that’s football and we all have to learn to live with it.

Robson did exactly that for the last 19 years before his death, was never bitter about his cruel fate and simply went on with life.

A great man has left the world of  football, long may he be remembered and long may he rest in peace.




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