Four In A Row May Not Be Realistic!

24 07 2009

63412756-969B-9D0F-07AD90E582175FADA friend of mine who is a rabid Manchester United fan sent me a message recently which set me thinking about the season ahead.  They were fair, well thought out comments which I must admit do not totally agree with but are nevertheless quite interesting.  See what you think of these comments then let me know your opinion.

24th July 2009

Hello Frank,

Thinking about what’s shaping up to be another great season ahead, here are a few points to ponder upon.

Liverpool: Are having a  poor pre season, Agger injured, Hypia gone which leaves no real back up in central defence, the Gerrard court saga which must affect his preparations, Mascherano’s self confessed desire to leave, Alonso’s drawn out battle to get away while Babel, Kuyt and Voronin as back up to Torres are very questionable if the Spaniard gets one of his frequent injuries.

Finally, it’s very doubtful if the addition of  Glen Johnson is enough to win the one title that Liverpool fans are so desperate for.

Arsenal: They have lost Adebayor,  Rosicky is back, there’s  too much reliability on Van Persie staying fit and no great additions except defender Vermaelen. Although they have gained another years experience, you have to feel that the title will be out of reach once again.

Manchester City: Another  “Lets try and buy the title”  saga.  Should be great going forward but no additions to a defence that leaked 50 goals last season.

Chelsea: They again look to be a solid option to fight out the title with a settled squad,  pre-season momentum and experience.  There must be a big question mark however on the lack of  Premier League knowledge by Carlo  Ancelotti

Manchester United: The departure of Ronaldo and Tevez must obviously have an effect. The early signs however are that the surprise Michael Owen signing could turn out to be a masterstroke by Ferguson, Kiko and Wellbank are coming along nicely while the naturally talented Berbatov could be in for a big season.  Should Hargreaves return to full fitness, he will be like a new midfield signing.

My Prediction

1 – Manchester United

2 – Chelsea

3 – Arsenal

4 – Liverpool

5 – Everton

6 – Manchester City

7 – Tottenham Hotspurs

8 – Aston Villa



Personally I don’t agree with all of those comments but they are certainly not unreasonable.

The biggest asset at Old Trafford is clearly Sir Alex. 11 titles since 1993 speaks volumes for his know how in what it takes to win a Premiership. Benitez, Hughes and Ancelotti in comparison have never got a single one between them.

Sure Kenny Dalglish was successful with Blackburn but I can see problems ahead between Kenny in his new position and the obstinate Benitez. In fact don’t be at all surprised if Rafa fails to see out the season at Anfield!  Big call? Of course it is but it will be worth a small wager.

Wenger at Arsenal is another question, the Gunners could well turn out to be our biggest danger because of his experience in the Premier League.

There is one challenger however which may prove to be the most difficult to overcome and it’s not any of our main rivals. The hardest opponent to beat in winning four titles in a row could be HISTORY!

It has never been done, ever, not in 110 years of  English football!

Am I being negative? Possibly.

Can Fergie beat history? Nothing seems to be beyond him so I hope that he can.

United has performed many firsts over the years especially under Sir Alex, this one will be a hell of a mountain to climb however. All we can do is put our faith in Fergie and keep all our fingers crossed.

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