United May Have Been The Target!

21 07 2009

This weeks atrocious bombings of  The Marriot Hotel and The Ritz Carlton may have been staged by terrorists with the intention of disrupting the sold out pre season game between Manchester United and the Indonesia All Stars!

united_1444907cUnited was booked to check in at the Ritz Carlton the following day while theAll Stars were staying at The Marriot. The terrorists who carried out the act may have simply wanted to cause harm to the national economy rather than to one of the best supported clubs in the world. The resulting backlash would have been totally counter productive to them.

The result is that many planned sporting and entertainment events have been cancelled in Indonesia which is exactly what the terrorist groups wanted to achieve.

Far fetched? Far from it! The terrorists would not dare cause harm to our boys, some of them are likely to be fans anway so it’s not impossible for them to take this sort of action.

The end result is that this scum may have achieved their aim, it will be a long time before Manchester United or any other high profile club will dare set foot in Jakarta!

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