No More Tradgedies – PLEASE!

17 07 2009

JUST IN…Jakarta game cancelled since this post was written READ HERE

Pre season overseas tours especially in Asia are extremely important to promote “The Brand” for the bean counters at Old Trafford BUT sanity has to prevail unless we want another Munich like incident on our hands.


Cricket teams who are nowhere near as high profile as Manchester United are now hesitant to tour countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka so why should one of the worlds leading football clubs risk going to Indonesia for a meaningless pre season game?

Can anyone imagine the reprecussions if the club was caught up in todays events in Jakarta and God forbid players or officials were amongst the victims?

Horizens most certainly need to be broadened but they surely have to be in safe envoirments. It was very clear, even before todays events, that Indonesia was not one of them.

A second match in South Korea in a different city from Seoul or another in Japan away from Tokyo has to be far more lucrative in terms of attendances and future support than taking the risk of going to Jakarta.

Expanding and new markets are undoubtedly essential for the financial well being of the club so why not look outside the box and consider previously closed options like Iran?

Safety, above all else has to be the yardstick. Unfortunately, it does not seem to have been taken into consideration.

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