Get Rid Of Kia Whateverhisfuckingnameis!

15 07 2009

The move of Carlos Tevez from the red to the blue half of Manchester does not bother me one little bit, not in the slightest BUT the man who orchestrated this transfer does. Big Time.


Carlitos is a very good player who comes from a disadvantaged background, probably has minimum education and was possibly the perfect meal ticket for money grabbing sharks like Kia Whateverhisfuckingnameis.

No wonder FIFA is belatedly trying to shut the gate after the horse has bolted! Have a look here.

Player agents have long been a necessary evil to the game but it has now reached a stage where COMPANIES rather than CLUBS own the players future careers for THEIR OWN GAIN!

How could FIFA possibly allow this to happen?

I’m not angry at Tevez, nor at Manchester City or United. I’m just angry at Kia Joorabchian and the people who allowed him to get away with virtual blackmail.

Let’s face the brutal facts. Carlo was NEVER going to stay at Old Trafford, the big money for Kia was going to be made from a large transfer fee and the smooth talking agent could not have had too much difficulty in bringing Carlitos around to his way of thinking.

Whateverhisfuckingnameis can now walk away from the whole episode with millions of pounds in the bank and not caring in the slightest what happens to Tevez.

His only concern now is who to snare into his trap next.




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