Sir Alex May Be Spot On

14 07 2009

Today’s statement by Sir Alex Ferguson that “The cheque book has been closed” was met by a number of  negative comments from Manchester United fans and jubilant ones by rivals…especially from Liverpool.


Ferguson has proven to be a cunning old fox for many years, regularly outmanoevering his rivals, but this time I have a gut feeling that he really means what he says. Why? Because in my opinion, he has hit the nail on the head…the transfer market has gone absolutely insane since Real Madrid started splashing out their millions on one player after another.

Look at what the Italian and other Spanish clubs including Barcelona have been doing on the transfer market, virtually nothing. Apart from Manchester City’s frenetic attempts to join the Premier Leagues big  four, what has Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal really done? Benitez spent 18 million pounds on a full back while at the same time desperately fighting a losing battle to keep Alonso and Mascherano at Anfield.

Does all this water down the quality of the Premier League? Of course it does. No competition can afford to lose players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Alonso and Mascherano without a negative effect.

So where does all this leave Sir Alex and Manchester United for the new season? Ferguson may feel that the loss of Ronaldo and Tevez will not have as big an impact as Liverpool probably losing their two influential midfielders and Chelsea having a new manager who has never experienced Premier League football.

While Manchester City  could prove to be a major challenger, Arsene Wenger and Arsenal may just be the most serious threat to Uniteds attempt to win four titles in a row!




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