Media Madness?

12 07 2009

papertalk402x210_599372Alonso to Real Madrid,  Samuel Eto’o to MAYBE Manchester City or MAYBE to Chelsea or MAYBE to Manchester United or MAYBE nowhere, Mascherano to Barcelona, Terry to Manchester City,  Ribery to Liverpool!  Countless others MAYBES going nowhere. My head is aching with all these rumours and MAYBES!

It’s the media – newspapers, television, radio and yes, the internet that drives all this garbage! And guess what? Agents are the players best outlets, after all it’s in the agents own financial interests, the media is in turn the agents best forum because they hunger for headlines, so where does that leave us? The poor, gullible, club besotted fans? Most of us fall for it time and time again!

How about forgetting all this gossip and rumours and return to plain, simple common sense?

Who are you or I to question Sir Alex? Has he not proven his knowhow for nearly a quarter of a century? Arsene Wenger? One of the most respected managers in world football? Rafa Benitez? Even though there are still big question marks about his mentality of English football? Carlo Ancelloti? The guy surely needs time and a fair go. Manchester City’s Mark Hughes? Is he running the show or the owners of the club?

All these questions will be answered soon enough, maybe by Christmas, possibly soon afterwards but certainly by the end of May 2010.

Is it too much to ask for us to wait until then before all the gossip and rumours   are taken seriously? Or could that be what the media do NOT want us to do?




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