Fergie May Have Already Replaced Ronaldo

7 07 2009

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, no doubt about that. Since the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid and the revelation that the deal, including the 80 million transfer fee, was virtually signed sealed and delivered this time last year, one puzzling question must have played on many peoples minds.

Ronaldo knew what was planned, his team mates knew it and Sir Alex must also have known it. In that case, why would the wily Ferguson wait until now before trying to capture his replacement? The logical thing would have been for Fergie to tie up a deal with one of his targets months ago so why did he fail to do so?


Was Berbatov Ronaldos Replacement 12 MONTHS AGO?

Well here’s a theory right out of left field. The truth may be that the old fox hoodwinked everyone by replacing Ronaldo TWELVE MONTHS ago when he brought Dimitar Berbatov from White Hart Lane!

Just consider what the scenario might have been if he had waited until now. United gets 80 million from Real…and Spurs know it, then Fergie makes a move for Berba. How much do you think Tottenham would have demanded for him? Possibly more likely to be 50 million rather than the 30 that was shelled out at the time.

The reason that I feel this theory just may be credible is the fact that I cannot believe that Sir Alex would have sat on his hands and done nothing knowing full well that he was going to lose his brightest star at the end of the season.

Granted, Berba is a different type of player to Ronaldo and he had a hot and cold first season at Old Trafford, there’s no denying however that he’s a high quality, influential player. It must also be remembered that we are talking 12 months ago when Berbatov had just completed a successful season at Tottenham.

Taking all those factors into account – and with the benefit of hindsight, does this theory sound all that far fetched?

It could well be a case of  Sir Alex outfoxing everyone…Again!

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2 responses

8 07 2009

Without a doubt Gabon. He may get his Spurs form back next season now that he’s out of Ronaldo’s shadow. Time will tell.

7 07 2009

Nice concept but Berba has much to prove my friend!!

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