An Open Letter To Carlitos

5 07 2009

The chances of  Carlos Tevez ever coming across this post are virtualy nil but I still feel a need to put my thoughts to him so here goes.

tevezargieCarlitos, why did you HAVE to wear the Argentina shirt?

Dear Carlos,

We all understand that you have gone through a very tough period but you have now come to a decision on your future. Like the vast majority of United fans I am sad to see you go because I felt that in the last two seasons you have earned the right to have a long career at Old Trafford.

My disappointment is with the reasons for your departure. Your agents financial demands were met by Sir Alex as where your own. Unless there are reasons that I’m not aware of, the sticking point appears to be your burning desire to have a spot in the starting line up in virtually every match.

You also expressed displeasure at your belief that you have not been shown enough respect by Ferguson who is alleged to have lied to you when Berbatov was transferred to the club.

Please understand Carlos, nothing and nobody can be guaranteed anything in football because many things can change very quickly. As a professional you must be aware of that fact. You may also find that you could be faced with a similar situation at whichever club you end up going to.

It’s nothing new even though I have to admit that the large squads clubs require in this day and age can make things more difficult.

All you had to do was to have a chat with a United legend who is still employed by the club. Ole Gunnar Solskjær spent a decade at Old Trafford in an almost identical position as you have been in but it did not do his career any harm did it?

Maybe you did seek Ole’s advice but simply ignored it and listened to your agent instead. I cannot completely blame you however as one of the essential requirements of  being  successful, an agent must have a talent to negotiate at the highest levels and the ability to convince people of his opinions.

Was the fact ever considered that your agents best interests are not necessarily yours? Is that not always the case with almost every agent? But you obviously have complete faith in him and followed his advice.

There were also occassions when I felt that you may have been your own worst enemy. Did you HAVE to wear the Argentina shirt at the Premiership winning celebrations? That was the moment that I became convinced of your departure. Did you HAVE to make the comments that you did about Sir Alex following the Champions League defeat? Did you HAVE to petulantly refuse to attend the clubs Awards night?

Just like the many United fans, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you wear the famous red shirt for a couple of seasons, it’s just disappointing that you saw fit to terminate a Manchester United career that could have led you to become just as revered as Solskjær has.

The very best of luck wherever you go and wish you success in your career…except when you play against United of course.

Frank Scicluna –

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One response

6 07 2009
Deepak Narula

Very well summed up Frank. I wish Mr Carlos Tevez, the EX-United player now, must read this and think why we still cheer for Ole Gunnar Solskjare and why we still consider him to be one of the most faithful of United players with the likes of Ryan Giggs. Club Loyalty, Fan Loyalty and Shirt Loyalty comes before your Agent, Mr Carlos..

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