Shut Those Damn Transfer Windows

25 06 2009

What has always been known as the silly season has now become the ludicrous season and I for one am sick, tired and bored with the whole thing.

This club is interested in this player, another club says that it’s prepared to outbid any rival while the agents involved sit back rubbing their hands in glee.

Yes,  I’m convinced that agents have been the primary cause of this madness together with the introduction of the transfer windows a few years ago. The two go hand in hand, combining with each other to force transfer fees to the ridiculous levels that they have.


Let’s face facts, the transfer windows are only open for a few weeks during which the agents can make their large percentages. What do you think they do for the rest of the year?

They fly backwards and forward across the world having clandestine meetings with players, club Presidents and managers who whether we like to admit it or not have a financial self  interest in facilitating multi million pound  transfers, the agents also do their utmost to unsettle players for whom they  fly false flags in the media in order to increase their players value.

Does anyone think for one moment that the Kaka move from AC Milan to Real Madrid happened overnight or in a couple of weeks? You can rest assured that  negotiations between agent and clubs were instigated many months ago.

The longer negotiations go the more likely valuations increase until they finally come to a head when the window is opened.  On the other hand, most transfer deals in the old days used to be concluded as soon as agreement was reached between all parties because of the fear that something could derail the transaction.

Now, all the wheeling and dealing have to stay on ice until the window is opened allowing an opportunity for other parties to get involved and force the re negotiation of terms previously agreed.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of  players have very little between their ears with brains firmly residing in their feet and let their smooth talking agents manipulate their careers. Yes, there has to be some agents who look after their clients best interests but they are few and far between.

We have to accept that player agents are a fact of life, transfer windows are not and I would love nothing better than to see them abolished and go back to the old transfer system which will vastly reduce the transfer fee inflation that has occurred.

Before that can be done however, the problem has to be recognised and debated. My fear is that there are too many vested interests in the game, making too much money, to allow for common sense to take place.

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