The Great Deception

15 06 2009

Like everyone else, I am becoming totally bored with the Cristiano Ronaldo saga. There are however some interesting stories being revealed now that the deal is done.

Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon certainly knows what went on behind the scenes, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson could not have been blind to it while Ronaldo himself together with his manager lied their way through an entire season!

Is this the way that football business is done in 2009? Sadly it seems that there could be no other conclusion!

The money is absolutely astronomical for all concerned therefore it should not be all that surprising.

The fans however are the ones who feel cheated by all the lies and who can blame them?

Fancy basing the financial future of a club on the number of replica shirts they sell rather than results on the field like Real appears to have done!

All I can say is that football as we have known it for decades has changed dramatically and sadly it’s not for the better.

Ronaldo Deal Kept Quiet For 6 Months

By ANTONY KASTRINAKIS, The Sun, 12th June 2009


THE world’s greatest football transfer was also the world’s greatest transfer cover-up.

That was the sensational claim last night, as Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United and Real Madrid all stood accused of keeping the deal quiet for SIX MONTHS.

United vehemently deny any agreement was in place.

But in a bombshell interview with SunSport, Real Madrid’s former president Ramon Calderon insisted:

  • Ronaldo agreed to join Real six months ago and has fooled Old Trafford fans ever since.
  • United themselves struck a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ to let him go last December.
  • Everyone at both United and Madrid kept the deal a secret.Calderon was the most powerful man at the Bernabeu until he stepped down in mid-January, with new president Florentino Perez taking charge on June 1.But Calderon, 58, is adamant he masterminded yesterday’s £80million world-record transfer six months ago.He told SunSport: “Yes, I did it at that time. That was the time to do that. I’m very proud. For me it’s a pleasure and an honour to be able to do that.”His confession underlines just how much United fans were misled by Ronaldo last season. On December 8, the Portuguese winger said: “I’m happy here and I’m going to stay.”A month later he repeated: “I want to stay here. I feel at home in Manchester.”

    But it was during this very period that Calderon was cementing the foundations for his move to the Spanish giants.

    This is how my conversation with Calderon unfolded:

    AK: When did you reach agreement with United? Was a deal reached at the end of last year?

  • RC: “Well, we were in touch with the player. That is the important thing to know now. “As far as I knew, he got the agreement with the club. He wanted to leave at the end of this season. That was what he agreed with the club and therefore it was easy, knowing that the player wanted to come to Real Madrid, to get a deal let’s say. We agreed everything and he decided to come

    Significantly, Calderon maintained United were in on the entire charade.

    AK: You agreed with United as well? You were the man who agreed with United?

    RC: “Well, more or less. Let’s say it was a gentleman’s agreement that said in order not to bother Manchester last season, because Ferguson also wanted to keep the player.

    “For this reason we decided to wait until this season and that is what has happened. I think it’s good for everyone – Manchester United, the player and Madrid.

    “I did what I had to do. It was at that time when we had to agree the transfer and now it’s another president who will present him.”

    It was on April 15 that Calderon dropped the first public hint Ronaldo was on the way.

    He said: “Whoever becomes the next president will have at his disposal one of the best players in the world, who is already formally committed to Real Madrid. I cannot give any names at this stage.

    “The only thing yet to be done is for the relevant contracts to be signed.”

    RC: “I did whatever I could to have Ronaldo at Real Madrid this next season. That was the important thing to do. I did my best. I think it was OK to do that, talk to him and try to convince him it was the best solution for his future.

    “That’s all. I don’t mind that someone else is going to present him. That’s not important. The important thing is Real Madrid. I’ve been working for this club and I’m very happy he’s definitely here.

    “I think it is a fantastic signing for Real Madrid. He’s going to give us a lot of strength and skill. He’s one of the best players in the world. For me, it is a pleasure and it is an honour to be able to do that.”

    The former Real president and his board were branded a ‘mob’ by Alex Ferguson last December, when he said he ‘wouldn’t sell them a virus’.

    But Calderon’s claims will bring into question the integrity of Ferguson’s statements, as well as those of Gill, who insisted last month there was no deal.

    I asked Calderon if the deal in question was the Ronaldo transfer, completed by Perez on Wednesday.

    AK: This is the deal, the one that has been finalised, ratified, confirmed by Mr Perez, that you reached with David Gill?

    RC: Yes, that’s right.

    AK: And that was, of course, before you resigned as president?

    RC: “Yes, I did it at that time. That was the time to do that. It was then a matter for the new president to decide if he wanted to go on or not.”

    AK: You were the one who signed Ronaldo?

    Gill was resolute that there had been no deal with Madrid until late on Wednesday evening. The club then announced the move on its website yesterday morning.

    A United spokesman told SunSport: “David has asked me to assure you that at no point until last night has there ever been an agreement of any sort between Real Madrid and MU over anything to do with Cristiano Ronaldo.”




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