Goodbye and Good Luck

12 06 2009

cr7It was always going to happen and now it has.

The first indication came when Real Madrid were hammered by Liverpool in the Champions League quickly followed by the 2-6 humiliation by Barcelona.

Being the proud club that it is, there was never any doubt that Real would move heaven and earth to snap up the worlds greatest players in a determined effort to reach the heights that their fans had come to expect.

Any remaining doubts about Ronaldo ending up in Madrid were well and truly squashed when he made those critical comments of Sir Alex following the defeat in Rome. Nobody but nobody can ever hope to do that publicly and expect to stay at Old Trafford which Ronaldo knew full well.

I’m certainly not going to kid myself by saying that I’m glad that he’s going because he was one of our most potent weapons…as long as he was settled which sadly, he clearly was not.

The club however has the most experienced manager in the game, having faced similar situations time and time again. Remember when Eric Cantona retired? The cry went up “He can never be replaced!” That was repeated when Roy Keane went, then Peter Schmeicel, then David Beckham and on and on.

Sir Alex was never rattled, he continued to develop his yougsters,  sign up the required replacements and winning trophy after trophy one year after another.

While there must be many, many fans who are disappointed by the departure of  Ronaldo,  the old saying that no player is bigger than the club must be remembered. And there is no club bigger than Manchester United.

Goodbye,  good luck and thanks for the memories Roni




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