Scouser Cretins

11 06 2009

Let’s not kid ourselves here, every club has its share of fans who are only an excuse for human beings…including ours!

Anyone using tragedies like Munich, Hillsborough or any of the many others which occured over the years as a means of celebrating anything are simply despicable.

Obviously, their clubs do not condone that sort of behaviour, despising it as any of us. They do however need to do everything in their power to rid the game of these so called fans because they are only an embarrasment to them.

The Liverpool Echo itself  should also have a good look at itself. The final paragraph in this article gives the impression that the antics of these cretins were somehow justified. THEY CAN NEVER BE!

Shankly Group Probes Munich Songs

By Luke Traynor, Liverpool Echo, 10/6/09

scousersThe fans in this photo are NOT the ones which this story refers to

A LIVERPOOL FC fans group today vowed to investigate after Reds supporters apparently mocked the Munich disaster at an end-of-season party.

Footage has emerged from the Olympia venue of a room full of supporters singing derogatory references about the 1958 air crash which killed 23 people – many of them Busby Babes.

The clip, now posted on the internet, shows fans at the Spirit of Shankly (SOS) union party repeatedly shouting Munich in the chorus to a song called Horse With No Name.

The crowd appeared to be egged on by a singer performing on stage. Today Spirit of Shankly condemned the behaviour and stressed the singer was not authorised to appear on the night.

The night had included singers and bands like The Troubadours, The Maybes and former Cast frontman John Power. Also onthe bill was Rafa and Steven Gerrard impersonator Darren Farley who became an internet hit and appeared on TV sports shows.

The party was held on the evening of the final league game at Anfield against Spurs.

But Spirit of Shankly said the singer who instigated the Munich references was an unauthorised performer and was not part of the running order.

The union has vowed to tighten procedures and take strict steps to prevent a repeat incident happening at future social SOS events.

A spokesman for the Spirit of Shankly said: “We are aware that video footage has been posted on the internet from the SOS End of season party on 24th May 2009.

“ This footage shows an unscheduled performance which the SOS Events Committee had no prior knowledge of.

“The Events Committee will endeavour to increase back-stage security for future events to ensure impromptu performances like this do not happen again. We are sincerely sorry for anybody who has been offended by this footage, and we do not condone such behaviour.”

Earlier in the evening Liverpool legends Jamie Carragher and Sami Hyypia appeared at the SOS gathering to honour the Finn’s departure from the club.

The union has become more prominent in recent years and members have been particularly vocal about the Anfield regime of US owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

A Horse With No Name was written by the band America and became their most successful single.

Insults have often been traded between Liverpool fans and their rivals with Reds claiming their opponents bait them with songs mocking the 96 who died at Hillsborough.




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