IF is such a big little word

31 05 2009

eto'o-xavi-champs-lge-trophy-480For such a small word ‘If’ may be the biggest one in the English language! Just imagine, world events may have ended up being totally different ‘if’….World wars may not have been started ‘if’….Poverty could have been a thing of the past ‘if’…. and the headlines which came out of Rome this week could have been the exact opposite ‘if’….

There’s absolutely no doubt that Barcelona are worthy European Club Champions following 80 minutes of dominance in the Rome final but consider what we could be talking about today IF

*An experienced referee and on most other nights, Barcelone would never have reached the final in the first place.

*After 180 minutes of keeping the Catalans scoreless, Chelsea were just a lousy 60 seconds away from being in a second successive all English final.

*Park could have stretched his foot an extra few millimetres in the opening minutes

* Just one of Ronaldos attempts could have found the net as they have done on numerous accassions.

Irrespective of the debate about team selection, tactics and Barcelona’s brilliance for the rest of the game, a two goal lead in the first ten minutes could have very possibly turned the game on its head! What would the headlines have been then?

Of course the same ‘if’ can be applied to hundreds and hundreds of other matches throughout football history and record books would have been totally rewritten.

The point here is that there’s a very fine margin between jubilation and dejection which leaves absolutely no need for going overboard in either the acclaim for Barcelona or the despair for Manchester United because if….




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