Rome was not a disaster for United

29 05 2009

mufcromeLet  it be made absolutely clear that Barcelona has to be congratulated on a great performance with which they totally deserved victory in Rome. There can be no doubt about that BUT the over reaction to this Manchester United defeat is completely over the top.

Ferguson took a gamble on his formation and team selection like he and every other manager very often do. Guardiola took a gamble in reshaping his back four due to injuries and suspensions.

One gamble paid off and the other did not. That’s the nature of football. I have seen managers agonizing over similar decisions until an hour before kick off but in the end they had to go one way or another without feeling completely confident that they have made the right one.

Who knows what may have happened if Park had put away that rebound in the opening minutes? What may we be talking about now if one of Ronaldos early attempts had gone in like they have done so many times in the past?

Will we be acclaiming Barcelona the way we are doing if they had been knocked out by Chelsea as they could and possibly should have been? It was that desperately close.

We could also be heaping praise on Ferguson as a genius instead of being critical of his tactics. Yes Barcelona totally deserved their victory on the night but please, let us try to keep everything in perspective.

The difference between success and failure at this level of football is very minute indeed!

It’s hard to believe that some fans are complaining about United’s failure in Rome forgetting that the Community Shield was won in August, the FIFA Club Cup in December, the Carling Cup in March, the Premiership for the third year running in May, an FA Cup semi and a Champions League Cup final for a second successive year!

Any other fan or manager in England and Europe will give their right arm to match that. No concerns about the future neither, Sir Alex has been improving his squad for year after year and will no doubt do it once  again.




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