Where’s The Premier League Heading?

21 05 2009

One game, one lousy game is all that’s left from the best English Premier League seasons for many a year!

Yes there’s a fierce relegation battle going on but as far as I’m concerned, the 2008/09 campaign is over. The championship is done and dusted, second place is over bar the shouting and the European Champion League places already decided. 

So where do we go from here? In my opinion, the Premiership badly needs more than four clubs to challenge. A new season should commence with at least eight clubs having a realistic chance of finishing on top of it by the end of May.

It may be wishful thinking, it may simply be a dream but is this the answer?

There’s a system in Australian football codes called the salary cap which I have always been opposed to, I’m now beginning to wonder!

If clubs are only allowed to spend a determined amount on players salaries each season, will it help even the field, eventually resulting in a more even competition?

That system is still totally against my principles but I have to ask if the Premiership may not be better for it.

The last few seasons has seen the Premiership reduced to the big four, the big three may be next followed by the big two! Is that what we really want? I think not.

The Premier league is increasingly looking like it could end up like a Barcelone-Real Madrid La Liga, the Celtic-Rangers Scottish League or the Inter Milan-Juventus/AC Milan Serie A in the very near future.


Is that what you want? I for one most certainly don’t!




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