The Quintuplet

18 05 2009


Like every other Manchester United fan I was highly disappointed when Everton got the better of us in the penalty shoot out  in the FA Cup semi final. I have to admit however that I am now having second thoughts!

Let me try to explain why. Imagine coming home from Rome on a Thursday in either 1) a euphoric state having won the European champions league and becoming the first club to successfully retain the trophy or 2) devasted at having lost the showpiece final.

How difficult would it have been to then prepare for an FA Cup final two days later? What sort of team would have Ferguson fielded?

If the team that took the field in the semi was considered to be guilty of degrading the FA Cup, what would the feeling be if the same thing was done in the actual final? Yet can Ferguson be blamed for doing so under the circumstances?

Maybe, just maybe, the FA should come to terms with the fact that their Cup is now totally overshadowed by the European one and consider bringing the final forward to April.

The other more sensible alternative is to allow the clubs which has qualified for Europe the option of not participating in the FA Cup.




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