What’s wrong with English fans?

8 05 2009

There seems to be something unnatural in the psyche of English football fans, something abnormal. Here we had Chelsea playing their heart out for the prestige of English football in the European Champions League semi final against Barcelona and some English fans where openly jubilant when they lost.

Those same fans are hoping and praying for Barcelona to defeat Manchester United in the final in Rome! This mentality seems to be totally ridiculous!

This opinion comes from thousands of miles away in Australia where the attitude is the absolute opposite to that which exists in England. As an example, Adelaide United got into the final of the Asian Champions League Cup Final last season when every single fan in the country was behind them irrespective of club rivalries.

Why is it not the same in England? Has the hatred for rival clubs become so acute?

I still remember the days back in the 70’s when Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool and so on were battling against other European giants, the whole of England was willing them on and rightly so.

Late in the game on Wednesday night, I figured that it would suit United better for Barca to get into the final because of the suspensions to two of their key defenders yet when they equalised, I was absolutely shattered for Chelsea.

Will there be the same hostility towards rival club players during the World Cup? I highly doubt it and I certainly hope not. 




One response

21 05 2009

I agree with you, Frank. The people across the pond with whom I associate are gutted by Chelsea’s loss, and one said, “As much as I hate it, I will be cheering for ManU. Must support the Prem Clubs first.” He is a staunch, lifelong Liverpool supporter- and you KNOW that rivalry!

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