Only Fergie Can

3 05 2009

alex_ferguson_449060a4The fat lady has not started singing yet but she must surely be warming up her vocal chords!

A clean sheet at the Emirates on Tuesday night can almost wrap up the season with just the Final in Rome remaining to produce a magnificent grand Finale!

A wonderful season for a truly great club with a manager who is respected by EVERY other one  in the world.

Whatever happens from here on in, 2008/2009 has been an absolutely momentous season in the rich history of English football.

Here’s a club with a FOURTH championship winning team which was built by Ferguson in his illustrious career at Old Trafford, challenging for five major trophies and coming within a whisker – or maybe a non penalty in the FA Cup semi final, of winning all of them!

How does he do it? It cannot just be the riches available to him, if  it only comes down to money, Chelsea and Manchester City can easily outspend him.

For all his sometimes childish rants, Ferguson has the knack built up over years of experience to keep on producing. This season has been a perfect example of it.

A horrendous fixture list in the first three months should have seen United so far behind their rivals that any thoughts of another Championship would have been just a pipedream.

But Ferguson was never fazed by it, he just took each game as it came, used his squad to perfection despite injuries and suspensions to some of his key players and kept knocking off one game after another until he reached a position where glory is immenent.

No, the season is not quite over yet, it can still go pear shaped in its final few days and the fat lady has not started singing but for all the superb talent at his disposal, it was Ferguson and only Ferguson who engineered this immenent success.

Apart from possibly Chelsea’s Guus Hiddink, I can not think of another manager who could have plotted it so superbly. Go have another scotch Fergie!




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