No Surprise Giggs Won Award

28 04 2009


To say that the winning of  the PFA Player Of The Year Award by Ryan Giggs was highly controvertial is a huge understatement. A large amount of critical comments were made especially from Liverpool fans who were convinced that Steven Gerrard was the only worthy winner.Looking back with the benefit of hindsight they may well be right however, there needs to be a close analysis of how the whole scenario developed. 


Here we were between the middle-end of February, all the Premier League players were asked to cast their votes without being able to vote for anyone from their own club. Fair to say that it cannot have been an easy task.


Does anyone really think that these guys were going to spend much time contemplating on who to vote for? Of course they don’t! Do they take the whole thing seriously? Only if they have a feeling that they could be a chance of winning it.


So what do they base their votes on?  Some may go for a former team mate who they had maintained a friendship with but the vast majority look at recent form and results.


Remember that from Christmas Day to the end of February Liverpool had played 9 Premier League matches winning 4, drawing 4 and losing 1 while Manchester United had won all their 10 matches conceding just once.


Is it any wonder that most players at that time decided to vote for a United player? The question was who? Some went for the consistent Vidic, “Mr Clean Sheets” Van Der Sar and other strong contenders. Many however were impressed by the form of the veteran Ryan Giggs who most had long admired anyway.


It’s not really that much of a surprise is it?  It’s also likely to happen again UNLESS changes are made. It seems ludicrous that votes are demanded for a Player Of The Year Award when the season is only past a little more than the half way mark!


In an age when technology is so readily available it will be so easy to delay the voting until virtually the end of the season then have a Gala Awards Night to announce the winners on the Sunday night after the European Champions League Cup Final.


Meanwhile, everyone needs to chill out and stop the childish accusations of corruption and underhand conspiricy theories.  One wonders who the Liverpool boys voted for, is it possible that Stevie G himself voted for Giggs?


Under the current ludicrous voting system, there can be no surprise that Giggs ended up winning his award.




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