Notice To All Visitors

1 11 2009

Please note that there will no longer be any updates as I am now writing on the Truly Reds Manchester United blog. Have a look at it, you are bound to like the frequent updates…

Hope to catch up with you there – Frank Scicluna


Why United Were Sold

8 10 2009

This blog IS NOT and has never been about book reviews, far from it.

You occasionally come across something that is so interesting however that you feel bound to share it.

The book is published by VSP and comes out on October 12.  I personally have not read it so I won’t even consider recommending it to anyone but I did find what’s written here to be of great interest.

gloryglorybigGLORY, Glory! Man United in the 1990s – The Players’  Stories, by Andy Mitten is the sequel to the best-selling `We’re The Famous Man United’.

Mitten travelled around Europe to conduct in depth face to face interviews with Andrew Cole,  Nicky Butt,  Jordi Cruyff,  Martin Edwards,  Lee Sharpe,  Gary Pallister,  Paul Parker,  David May,  Eric Cantona,  Lee Martin and Jesper Blomqvist.

It’s not a very long essay so have a look for yourself and see what you think.

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Dwight Yorke Reveals ALMOST All!

4 10 2009

yorkeDwight Yorke remains a huge favourite with many Manchester United fans.

Not only was he one of the legends from the unforgettable Treble team, he was simply a goal machine who helped to bring  so much success to the club.

On top of that, Yorke always played his football with a smile on his face which brought so much infectious joy to so many people.

In the end, his departure from Old Trafford was not in the best of circumstances which left a sour taste in his mouth but he retains very little bitterness.

Yorke mostly only has happy memories of his time at Old Trafford.

His newly released book covers previously untold, behind the scenes  stories together with the off field dramas  he went through with previous partner Katie Price.

It’s football that  most fans will be interested in however so the following extracts from his book will only deal with football matters.

You’re sure to find it an interesting read.

Extracts from “Born To Score” by DOUGLAS WIGHT of News Of  The World

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Michael Owen…Is It Yes or Is It No?

3 10 2009

owenIf newspaper reports are to be believed, England manager Fabio Capello is still in two minds about whether to  include Michael Owen in his World Cup squad for South Africa even though the odds appear to be stacked in the negative.

Here are two schools of thoughts on the matter, both of which have some validity. The final decision will of course belong to Capello but if Owen has anything to do with it, he is certain to move heaven and earth in an effort be at what will be his final World Cup come June.

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Another View On Carlitos

30 09 2009

carlos-tevez-2_88179sHere I go again getting on my high horse…and quite likely upsetting many United supporters!

My affection for the club has been strong for many years and while I hold a higher regard for some of  its players than others, I still remember anyone who ever donned the red shirt with the utmost respect.

Some of them have left outstanding memories like Charlton, Best, Law, Crerand and others too many to mention. Others like Cantona, Schmeichel, Robson, Keane, Beckham, Ronaldo and the like are more recent members who the younger fans remember so well.

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Frustrating Berbatov Is So Divisive!

25 09 2009

berbaFootball has always been, and will continue to be a game of opinions…thank goodness, which is why it attracts so many arguments in pubs and comments on internet forums.

One name that many United fans have a strong albeit a divisive passion about is Dimitar Berbatov which is hardly surprising to say the least.

The Bulgarian can be such a frustrating player to watch, a touch of brilliance one minute then completely out of the game giving the impression that he’s just not interested.

So let’s try and find something that everyone may be able to agree upon.

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A Possible Solution To Child Trafficking

10 09 2009

academyFollowing on from my previous blog with regards to the highly questionable practices of  some clubs when it comes to the transfer of  young children, here’s a possible solution which will be fair to both buying and selling clubs as well as to the player and above all appears to have no legal complications.

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